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Healing Ribbons is one of the positive outcomes from my battle against breast cancer. I found that the adage is true, you can make lemonade when life gives you lemons.

Like many women having undergone breast cancer surgery, I am at risk of developing lymphedema, a painful swelling that typically affects the arms. As such, it is necessary for me to wear a medical bracelet. Being unhappy with the plastic one given to me at the hospital, I was inspired to develop a collection of jewelry-designed medical bracelets.

This desire evolved into a complete collection of jewelry designed to support individuals touched by breast cancer and other medical conditions. And, more importantly, it is a means to further the fight against breast cancer. Healing Ribbons gladly donates 100% of our after tax profits to the Healing Ribbons Fund held by the Rhode Island Foundation in support of the fight against breast cancer and related diseases.

During the course of my treatment, I also needed to connect with other women facing similar medical decisions and experiences. Having breast cancer is frightening and the ability to see how others fight their battle is invaluable. Healing Ribbons provides the opportunity to exchange medical information, share individual victories, and to support those currently undergoing treatment.

I encourage everyone to share your stories, pictures, and thoughts. This simple act can have a profound impact on another’s life.

Cheryl Feeney
Healing Ribons

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