Interesting Breast Cancer Facts

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Breast cancer is one of the most devastating diseases in the world for women. Although it is a primary focus of many medical centers and researchers around the world, breast cancer continues to be one of the largest health problems the world faces today.

Review these breast cancer facts to learn more about the disease. 

Genetic Predisposition

Unlike some other illnesses and cancers, family history does not necessarily indicate your chances of acquiring breast cancer. Surprisingly, only 5 to 10 percent of breast cancers occur in women who have a family history of breast cancer.

The other 90 to 95 percent of breast cancers occur in women sporadically, without regard for genetic predisposition to cancer.


After skin cancer, breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in women. WebMD estimates that one in every eight women contracts breast cancer in her lifetime. It is also the second-most common type of cancer-caused death in women. Of the 200,000 to 250,000 women who are diagnosed with breast cancer every year, about 40,000 of those women die from the cancer. 


Most people think of a lump in the breast as the primary noticeable symptom of breast cancer. However, there are many others. A clear or bloody discharge from the nipple, a scaly or dimpled breast surface or a change in the shape or position of the nipple might also indicate breast cancer.


Age is a crucial factor in calculating your chances of acquiring breast cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, about 50 percent of breast cancer patients are diagnosed before age 61. In general, as you age, your chances of acquiring breast cancer increase; women aged between 75 and 79 are most at risk.

These interesting breast cancer facts only begin to demonstrate the severity of the disease. Doctors are still unsure what causes breast cancer. Visit or to find out how to make a donation to support breast cancer research.

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