Breast Cancer

With each purchase from the Healing Ribbons Collection, 100% of our after tax profits will be donated to breast cancer education and awareness.

Support Women Everywhere – Help find the Cure for Breast Cancer.

All women share a common goal; to find a cure for breast cancer. While we may not all be on the frontlines of research, we can do our part by staying informed and following the recommended breast screening guidelines. We can also support friends and family members who have breast cancer by offering our compassion and any assistance we can provide.

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Support Breast Cancer through Art

by Liliana Fijman

red dress

Born and raised in Cordoba, Argentina, as a child I played alongside the roots of trees taking my first lessons from nature. The University of Cordoba Art School introduced me to film and photography and Rhode Island College furthered my skills and understanding of the visual arts. Rhode Island School of Design continuing education courses awakened me to the fascinating world of papermaking. Like the paper wasp that crafts its honeycombed dwelling I find comfort and shelter in the process of cooking, pounding and transforming the fibers of the Mulberry tree into meaningful artistic expressions of the human soul. Life is my continuing education A shared path – An inspiration – It is about Roots – Fibers and soul.

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